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I have always struggled to write consistently. I feel like I have run out of ideas after a few posts and end up quitting.

I came across an Interesting article from the author Matt Dicks on how never to run out of ideas.

His advice is to start collecting ideas.

It’s simple yet effective. I have the intention now to collect ideas in my Standard Notes app. This centralised collection bucket will allow me to slowly percolate rough drafts into a publishable blog post. Hopefully, as Matt Dicks promises I may never run out of ideas.

Written on: 2022-05-28

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I have published my third weekly newsletter today. I feel it is good to reflect upon the week and jot down my thoughts. I’m not sure how everything is going to pan out in the future. But, it does give me an outlet to express myself.

Speaking of expressing myself, I have been blogging on and off for quite some time now. The urge to start writing again started after my father’s passing. He always encouraged me to write. Now he is not here with us but I want to honour my father with my writings. I strongly believe any good that happens from this endeavour will definitely make my father proud in the hereafter.

I purchased a Rocketbook to capture my thoughts and ideas that I may take action in the future. I'm really excited to use this notebook. The scanning feature works really well. My initial impression is that this is awesome. I shall wait for a few weeks before sharing my thoughts about it.

#journal #ideas

Ridwan Always happy to Discuss... or Reply via email