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Getting Things Done 2001

I just remembered I purchased the original Getting Things Done book back in 2013 and never read it until the new 2015 edition came out. I do fancy reading the old version now, to find out how much we have changed since its first publication in 2001.

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When I got introduced to GTD, one of the wrong assumptions I made was that if I capture something then I must do it. But, slowly I'm learning to look at my “captured” list as an “options” list.

These lists give me an overview of my commitments and I have the option to do something about them. i.e. engage or eliminate. This was such a relief!

Now, when I review my tasks (including the projects list), I ask myself – “Really? Do you still want to do this? Be Honest, Ridwan!”

I get the answer straight away and trust my intuition. This helps me either engage or eliminate the item. I hope it helps you too.

Written on: 2022-06-15


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As an avid GTD practitioner, I was searching for an excellent capture tool. Back in the day, David Allen did have an official Notetaker Wallet. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for many years.

Even before I was introduced to GTD, I used to carry scraps of paper in my wallet and a pen in my pocket to capture my ideas and thoughts. Now, I wanted a better capture tool that can fit in my back pocket and is not cumbersome & ugly.

I stumbled on Capture Wallet a few months back. It is designed by GTD Master Trainer for Nordic Region, Morten Røvik. I was debating whether to go for it or not. Finally, I purchased it on 2nd February 2022 and got it delivered on 15th February 2022. I'm really impressed with the quality of the product. The wallet is handmade with genuine leather. It feels good to hold one in my hand and makes me want to use it often. I'm really excited to use this capture tool because nothing beats pen & paper.


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A few weeks back, I subscribed to GTD Connect after a discount offer from the GTD Connect Team. I have been practising GTD on and off since 2015. As a tinkerer of productivity systems and an avid consumer of productivity content, I have tried out various methodologies to get a slight edge in my productivity. I always struggle with the new system and end up coming back to the GTD methodology. I feel like I'm wired for David Allen's GTD practice.

In one of the GTD Connect podcast episodes, David talks about finishing your thinking when stuff first shows up in your inboxes. It's called Clarifying. That's my kryptonite. I always find it difficult to define the expected outcome and the next physical action to move that thing forward. But, rather than asking that important question: “what is it?”; I start to go for what I need to do and start organising them into lists. This episode really made me realise that I'm doing something wrong!

Moving forward, when I pick a captured item, I shall ask the following questions:

  1. What is it?
  2. Is it action?
  3. If yes, what is the expected outcome?
  4. What is the next physical action to move closer to the defined outcome?

After answering the above questions, I can start organising the next actions in my fancy task management app.

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I am slowly learning the GTD Methodology. It is one of the best stress-free productivity systems out there.

I was listening to an episode from the GTD Connect library on the power of writing things down and an idea for using the Tickler file.

Two things really stuck with me that I will be implementing in my life straightway:

  • Spend one minute at various points in your day to perform a Mind Sweep. Highly recommended times to perform one is:

    • Early in the morning
    • Before starting your workday
    • Before closing your workday
    • Before going to sleep
  • Add a note in the Tickler folder to spend a fiver on yourself. You can buy yourself a cup of coffee or a cupcake or whatever you want. Try to keep this practice as a recurring reminder. The surprise element will bring joy and put a smile on your face. I love this idea so much! I'm using the GTD Intentional Journal that comes as part of my GTD Connect membership. You can use your calendar for this recurring note. Hope you will try it out.

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Recently I have started reading Oliver Burkeman's Four Thousands Weeks.

He mentions an important productivity lesson we all tend to forget. It's about Life's Brevity.

There are plenty of books out there and thanks to the Hustle Culture, glorification of long work hours and idiotic Instagram motivational pages, we are forced to believe that “we can have it all”.

Let's be clear. We cannot have it all! We can have some of what we want but not all of it. So, to counter Hustle Culture and Burnout, let's embrace life's brevity and focus on what's truly important in our lives.

Here's mine in descending order of value-priority:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Fun

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To serve our families, our individual health and well-being, and our recreational and creative needs optimally, many business like behaviors are required. – David Allen

I was reading David Allen's book, Making It All Work where he talks about how we can incorporate the best practices from our work life into our personal lives.

This made me pause and think about what best practices I can incorporate to handle the business of life?

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